Groundbreaking Platform

NanoEX™ – The next generation EV isolation platform

  • Fully automated processing

  • Unparalleled recovery

  • >99% free protein removal

  • Process up to 250 ml in hours

Revolutionary Process Design

VanoFlow™ EV Isolation Cassette

  • Fully Enclosed Processing

  • External Pressure Sensing

  • No Cleaning Needed

  • Eliminate Cross-contamination 

Ultimate Solution for EV Isolation from Research to Therapeutics

Superior EV Quality

Outperform all existing technologies in yield and purity

Unparalleled Scalability

Process 300ml of input samples in less than 4 hours

Fully Automated

Push button operation with less than 5 min hands-on time

Unparalleled Proformance

  • Highest Yield

  • Highest Purity

  • Perfect exosome integrity